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Spark is a mini drone that features all of DJI’s signature technologies,allowing you to seize the moment whenever you feel inspired.With intelligent flight control options,a mechanical gimble,and a camera with incredible image quality,Spark empowers you to push your creative boundaries.With FaceAware,Spark lifts off from your hand by recognizing your face.It takes off and hovers in place within seconds of powering on.It take amazing aerial photos using just hand gestures,withot a remote controller or mobile device.It’s Intelligent Flight Modes and intuitive controls help you create cinematic aerial videos with just a few taps.The DJI GO 4 app features automatic editing templates and an array of filters.It quickly edit them and share straight to social media.


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The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet poerfull drone that turns the sky into creative canvas easily and without worry,helping you make every moment an aerial.It compact size hides a high degree of complexity that makes it one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras ever.24 high-performance computing cores,an all new transmission system with a 4.3mi(7km)*range,5 vision sensors,and a 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal,are at your command with just a push of your thumb or a tap of your finger.

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DJI Mavic Pro 2 has come out with the amazing qualities made with the help of combined brainpower of Hasselblad and DJI. Hasselblad has provided with the unique quality of camera without compromising with its image quality with the feature of adjustable aperture; even the HDR videos are so tempting with all the contrasts and tones. The new sensor incorporated into the drone is double the strength of older Mavic pro. It has one of the best camera which captures the picture with the utmost accuracy.

Mavic pro 2

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DJI Mavic Air is an elegantly made drone which smartly captures with utmost precision. It has a 3-axis mechanical gimbal camera which can swiftly move in triangular direction while capturing sphere panorama picture. The high quality slow motion video will ensnare your mind. It has a foldable remote controller and if this doesn’t give you 90s feel than nothing does. Precisely, the camera has the ability to capture a moving objects simultaneously without disturbing the quality of the picture. This drone comes handy with safety package of its elegantly built body demonstrating a bird-like fly.

dji mavic air

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DJI Tello Drone is very easy to fly, by just flinging to the air. It comes with app that acts as a controller, one can perform aerial stunts with this particular drone. Using the app, one can easily fly it by placing on the hands. It captures a footage or a picture from swirling b 360 degree and can still manage to capture a stable picture. The best part is that, even if the app loses connection the drone will take off or land very easily. It has a controller that makes it even more appealing.

dji tello drone

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