PUBG Mobile to Get Prime and Prime Plus Subscriptions

PUBG Mobile might get new membership frameworks. These incorporate a PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus membership which would enable players to change over Battle Points (BP) to Unknown Cash (UC). Evidently, these new membership frameworks would enable players to change over 5000BP for 50UC. This would let PUBG Mobile players have another approach to pick up UC, which is expected to buy certain corrective things. The Prime membership would cost $0.99 (around Rs. 71) every month and gifts clients access to a little measure of UC (conceivably 150UC) alongside day by day compensates like IDs and some UC for signing into the amusement. Prime endorsers would have the capacity to change over BP to UC however it’s depicted to be a restricted sum.

PUBG Mobile Prime subscription

  • 10UC per daily log-in
  • Gain RP points
  • Crate coupons
  • Room card
  • 150UC

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus subscription

  • Gain extra XP per match
  • Access to exclusive RP missions
  • 20UC per daily log-in
  • Rename card
  • Room card
  • Coupon scraps
  • 300UC
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With respect to the PUBG Mobile Prime Plus membership, it would cost $9.99 every month (around Rs. 710) and has a unique early on cost of $4.99 (near Rs. 355). It would give clients 300UC just as 20UC as an every day login reward just as an ID card, room card, and a container coupon. This means, you get 900UC for the primary month of the PUBG Mobile Prime Plus membership.

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